Nine Signs That You Loved Nü-Metal

To be a fan of nü-metal is the equivalent of being a self-hating Juggalo. In every iteration -- the two major poles being rap-rock or spooky-scary-angry mud-butt-rock -- the genre is negative and immature. Lyrically, musically, ideologically: There is no redemption.

In the second decade of the new millennium, we take it for granted that nü-metal sucks. People used to love that shit! In fact, you might have even loved that shit!

I know. It's hard to deal with, and that's why you have repressed the harrowing memories of endlessly inane aggro angst. But to move past this confusing and embarrassing period in your life, you need to accept the truth.

And of course, County Grind is here to help. Here are nine signs that you loved nü-metal in the '90s.

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Matt Preira