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Octo Gato Creates a Cat-Inspired Superhero for "Superpuss" Video

Who among us doesn't have the urge to create a cat-inspired superhero? Instead of burying that feeling deep inside, the sun-drenched dudes of Fort Lauderdale's Octo Gato have given in to the feline fever. To share its laid-back, beach-rock sound and style with the masses, Octo Gato is premiering its new video for "Superpuss." It's a little overdue, but Captain Octo himself told us, "As a very visual and live-oriented band, the Octo boys have been dying to make a video to show everyone what we're all about!"

"Superpuss" was the perfect choice to bring Octo Gato to life, displaying the band's knack for maximizing the surf and garage-rock sounds and showing off the members' playful personalities. Captain Octo describes the video as "a psychedelic cat-infused '60s beach blast superhero story fueled by Red Bull and hallucinogens." And you can get it all up in your face right after the jump.

The video is full of happy girls in bikinis and a trippy green screen, but it has a solid story line involving a catman in a showdown, so we're all for it. Captain Octo explains: "'Superpuss' is about a superhero cat lifeguard fighting the evil Dr. Cockto Blockto, who is terrorizing the beach by turning all of the ladies into sand." Makes perfect sense.

The video was filmed and edited by Strangewave, a local music video production company comprised of director, editor, and Band in Heaven member Ates Isildak and production assistant Joel Tillman. The storytelling and visuals are a byproduct of Isildak's youth. "I was addicted to MTV as a child," he says. "Despite working with tiny budgets and minimal gear, I still reach for the way music videos used to look and feel when I was growing up. Whenever I see a band release a music video and it's just a band playing in some room, I feel so disappointed."

Isildak said what we could only assume, that the shoot was a real good time. Octo Gato and the models from Jypsea Swimwear "were laughing and enjoying every shot we worked on." And we get to sit back and pretend we were invited to the party.

Now that the band has exposed its style to the internet, Octo Gato is prepared to hit the road and spread the fun. It is playing shows in South Florida and releasing a three-song EP with new drummer Corporal Kraken. Says Octo, "When a new member joins a band, I think it's important to reflect that change by putting out some new tracks." It's a touching sentiment to make a new member feel at home, but we have a feeling the Captain is always that excited and generous. With "Superpuss" on your team, how can you not be?

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