Otto Von Schirach's Pineal Warriors and "Supermeng" Video Will Trip You Out Miami-Style

There's a good case to be made that Miami needs saving. And who better to do it than the alter egos of two of South Florida's wildest musical heroes: IDM beatmaster Otto Von Schirach and R&B-singing pottymouth Blowfly.

Von Schirach's latest visual effort was a collaboration with Blowfly and his brother, Egon, on a short film titled Pineal Warriors and music video for "Supermeng."

Commissioned by the folks at Borscht Film Festival, using part of a Knight Arts Foundation grant, the short centers around the reptilian Anunnaki taking Blowfly hostage as they attempt to claim Miami and the Bermuda Triangle for themselves.

Pineal Warriors was shot in September and October of 2012 all over Miami. It also features the 305's filthiest puppet, Pepe Billete, as well as musical experimenters CX Kidtronik and Mr. Feathers. Several key parts of both videos were shot at Wynwood's Dorsch Gallery, Coral Castle, and 1415 Studios.

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"[The idea came] from the Von Schirach brothers' brainwaves," Otto told us via the interwebs. "For many years, my pineal glands have been talking to us."

Von Schirach said that, as alluded to at the end of Pineal Warriors, more is coming, and the preparations for that day are already underway.

"As we speak, the Anunnaki are deep in space rebuilding their army for a tougher battle against the Awakened Order," he said. "But have no fear -- Supermeng, Blowfly, and the Awakened Triangle are training every day."

The video is hypnotic, magical, and as trippy as Miami gets. Even '90s goddess Deee-Lite's Miss Lady Kier is a fan and posted it on her blog. Watch both here.

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