Perez Hilton's Top Five Gay Stripper Songs and Five More!

Against all odds, people still read a 3-year-old County Grind blog called "Top Ten Stripper Songs of the Moment" on the reg. That moment has passed, though. Trends and attitudes have changed a bit, and a companion piece is here. A sexy male companion piece, that is. I've strolled in and out of Johnny's GoGo Bar in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, and I've heard the Lady Gaga blasting and dozens of nameless house tracks, but which are the ones that get the crowd hot?

So what did I do? I asked a dancer at Johnny's for his phone number so I could talk about his favorite songs to shake and grind to. My new handsome friend must have thought that "Can I have your number? I'm writing an article about male strippers" was a veiled pickup line. That hunk totally blew me off -- he never called back, answered my texts, or replied to my emails! Didn't he know that I was for real? 

So, I reached out to my childhood friend Perez Hilton and asked him. His kind reply included five artists, but we wanted ten, so I reached out to a few more gay pals of mine, and thanks to them, we can all enjoy this list together!

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Jose Flores
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