Pool Party Premiere Video for "Born Too Loose"

Pool Party is the Lord of the summertime in South Florida. They are the heir-apparent-appointed bastard son of the Sun. Doubt it? Get in line on the heraldry tip, there ain't no sunshine if they are gone. We enjoy their skewered sensibilities as much as the next guy within these...
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Pool Party is the Lord of the summertime in South Florida. They are the heir-apparent-appointed bastard son of the Sun. Doubt it? Get in line on the heraldry tip, there ain't no sunshine if they are gone. We enjoy their skewered sensibilities as much as the next guy within these digital pages, so anytime their Svengali, Creep Guirdo chooses to break Germanic protocol and speak to us; we listen.

This won't save you bucks on your mortgage payment, but it might make you better prepared to face the workday. Or not. Why don't you take some skiing lessons from the "Kings of the Lip" and realize that in this economy, you were born to lose.

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New Times: This summer is already shaping up to be a wet mess. Can a person enjoy the rain the same way they can enjoy a pool party with Pool Party performing?

Creep Guirdo: I can't speak for anyone else's enjoyment levels, but, I can enjoy the rain just as much as a pool party where I perform at. I can trick myself into having fun anytime; don't matter if it is raining or if it is a funeral. My trick for tricking myself into having fun is I always have candy in my pockets, Pool Party on my headphones and no underwears in my shorts.

How has the Pool Party Party CD/7" been doing? Any word on who'd win the format wars?

They are doing so well, we were looking over the royalties spreadsheet the other day and we calculated that come August we'll be able to throw ourselves a Pool Party Pizza Party and still have money left over to tip the delivery man. Vinyl is totally winning the format wars; I lost our CD backstock in a bet against Hand Gloveless. Let's just say, never doubt Hand's ability to watch Revenge of The Nerds II for a week straight.

Is there any validity to the rumor that you guys will be collaborating with the creators of Regular Show on Cartoon Network? Isn't that a bite on the Aquabats playbook?

Rumors are like kittens, everybody has one. Here's the true scoop, we are working with PBS to make a teaching kids how to dance show, and who the dick are the Aquabats?

What can you tell us about Laramie Dean and Dick Dale's son? Who surfs the best in the following scenarios: a) the beach, b) Scandinavian fjords, c) a mountain of cocaine and d) porn star breasts?

a) Jimmy Dale is the best beach surfer, as a drummer, he can really splash them waves.

b) For Scandanvian fjord surfing, I pick Laramie. He's a real hot-dogger on the slopes.

c) Mountains of cocaine are best left alone by clean cut types like Dean and Dale -- leave that stingy white powder to the boys of Pool Party; we'll surf that shit all the way to the cardiac ICU.

d) Porn star breasts are just for looking at while j-ing my d, but, Laramie probably surfs them real loose.

There is talk of an album dropping this Fall and a performance in San Diego. Why San Diego and not San Dimas? Is it true you'll be providing "spiritual guidance" on the possibility of a third installment in the Bill & Ted series? Who are the real Wyld Stallyns?

San Diego asked and that's where our new caregivers, It's Alive Records are based out of, San Dimas thinks it's "too cool for pool." We turned down working on BT3, if we're gonna be working on any Hollywood type flick it would be either Police Academy 9: Sweetchuck's Revenge or Back to The Future 4. The Mean Jeans are running the Bill and Ted game -- we don't want to take that from them -- they are the official Wyld Stallyns. Even though, everybody knows we are more wilder and much more stallionesque than anyone.

This new video is pretty cool, full of rock and pills, but what is most telling is how Pool Party has cornered the market on sleeveless wear. Where do you guys shop and what tailor(s) do you use?

That is really sweet of you to notice! We tailor our own threads with X-acto and butter knives. We shop at the closets of the ladies we sleep with! We pay them for the clothes, they sometimes think it is for the sex, but we love to turn a nice blouse or Capri pant into a killer muscle shirt or flashy swim trunk.

Back in the Spring you promised a slew of 7"ers, where are they now and how can we add length and girth to them?

By my count, we are at 14 inches right now with Teenage Weirdo and Pool Party Party, come late August with Born Too Loose we'll be at a beefy 21 inches.

We think the time is right for a Pool Party Caribbean Tour, how can that be made into a reality? What kind of contract would the band be comfortable with and please be specific!

This contract must be hand-written on burlap with an Erasermate 2 pen; that burlap would have to be sewn onto a nice velvet smoking jacket for us to even consider looking at it. As far as the words written on the contract, it better say "all you can eat crab legs." We need someone to pay for the airplanes and the hotels.

Pool Party - "Born Too Loose" (It's Alive Records)

Laramie Dean, Jimmy Dale and Pool Party at Churchill's Pub, 5501 NE Second Ave., Miami. Friday, July 19, 9p.m $10 at the door. For info call 305-757-1807 or visit

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