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PrunkTV: Green Music of Thailand

New Year's resolution: Somehow get a MacBook to edit videos better.

Last week, PrunkTV was in the studio with Cash Money Heroes. This week, we are getting acupuncture and listening to a different type of music. It is called Green Music of Thailand, and it is perfect for this frantic time of the year. Music is not just in bars, clubs, and concert venues; but also in our cars, in the elevators, on our iPods, in the doctor's office, restaurants -- music is everywhere.

I needed help dear readers. My thoughts were driving me crazy, they were negative and preventing me from welcoming 2010 with open arms. It was like these thoughts were playing ping pong in my brain. I needed something positive! The Universe led me to the offices of Haas Acupuncture, where that good Green Music of Thailand soothed my soul as the needles pierced my skin (please see above video). Good needles, with ancient healing powers. Anyway, Dr. Haas stuck them into my arms, legs, hands, head.. and I got high. But again, it was acupuncture: hexagrams, I Ching, chakras, creating a natural and healthy stimulant for my body and mind. But that Green Music of Thailand was the best part of it all.

It is tough out there right now. Shit is out of control. People in Miami are off the chain. But that's really nothing new. While in the studio with Birdman and Kevin Rudolf last week, I gained some real wisdom about life. Birdman makes so much money, and being around him has inspired me to work hard, because hard work pays off. Kevin focuses and manifests his goals, proving that with persistence you can make your dreams a reality. Listen to the lyrics, "I used to dream about/ the life I'm living now." That is the secret of life. Goals will manifest themselves if you persistently focus on them with your mind.

As far as Weezy's upcoming incarceration, we have some advice for him: Haas Acupuncture. 2010 is going to be the best year of our lives. Beliedat. One of my resolutions for 2009 was to try acupuncture, and I can honestly say that it relieves all pain. Needles and pins are a funny thing.

Question to self: Have I attained the goals which I established as my objective for 2009? Should I curl up into a little ball and wallow in my own self-pity? No! Is 2010 going to be the best year of my entire life? Yes! Will I make those million dollars? Get that fantastic new house, car, job, etc.? Yes! We here at PrunkTV have been reading lots of self-help books, and as a result have been writing weird shit like this: There is an invisible world that you can not see. But it is there. You are living the life that you have created. Repeat after me: I am so fucking happy! Life is so fucking fantastic! I am a money magnet! See ya next year.

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Jason Handelsman