Q&A With DJ Chachi, Spinning Tonight at LIV

Of all the out of town head-spinners to hit South Beach, the one who would seem most perfectly suited for LIV has gotta be DJ Chachi. Yeah, we know. His primary residency is at New York's ultra-hip Ten June, which might boast a similar clientele, but it in no way resembles the Vegas-like feel of The Fontainebleau. The Borgata's Mur.Mur does though, as does Shrine in the MGM Grand, despite the fact that one's in Atlantic City and the other's in Connecticut. And yes, Chachi's a resident at both those venues too.

New Times got with the world's busiest 24 year-old DJ prior to his June 26 stand at LIV and asked him to answer a few questions.

Here's what he had to say, after the jump.

New Times: Would you rather mix or mash?

Chachi: To answer your question correctly I do a little of both. I mix songs while I DJ and create mash-ups in my studio at home. Each has an equal importance in the career of a DJ. Mixing live is what people will hear when they are at a venue where you are performing so they will automatically connect your performance with your persona. Creating mash-ups at home gives you the opportunity to create remixes/mash ups that no other DJ has to separate you from the crowd.
Serato or Technics?

Serato is the computer program that I use in my performances and Technics is the brand of turntables that I prefer to use as well. Technics turntables have been a staple in the DJ community since DJing began. They are the best for what we do. Serato is a computer program that connects to the turntables we use and gives us the opportunity to mix, slow down, speed up, scratch and manipulate any MP3 that we want.  This program is truly DJing in the 21st century
Of the many bold-faced celebrities you've spun for, who has the best taste in music and why?

In my opinion I think Justin Timberlake had the best musical taste. His taste ranges from today's music to some of the best classics, such as Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Prince.

The club's about to be raided and you have time to play one last song: what is it?

"The Sound of the Police" by KRS 1.

I'm an up-and-coming kid DJ from Strong Island looking to break into the NYC club scene -- what do you tell me?

What I tell kids today is to use the avenue we didn't have when we started. Use the internet to its full potential. It's so easy to reach thousands of people in an instant with a click of a mouse. Make sure your using all your social networks, website, myspace, facebook, blogs -- and always have downloads readily available.

Miami's dance crowd makes you what?

I think the best thing about Miami crowds is they will get down to everything and anything. There is truly something about Miami that the people there are really out to have a great time and party it up.
What does Scott Baio think about your copping his alias?

I'm pretty sure Scott Baio is mad at me for using his name but he should thank me because I'm making him much cooler :)

DJ Chachi's Current Top 5:

1. "Sex on Fire," Kings of Leon
2. "Shots," LMFAO
3. "Took the Night," Chelly
4. "Love Takes Over," Kelly Rowland
 6. "How I Like It," Afrojack & Diplo

Friday, June 26. LIV, 4441 Collins Ave., Miami Beach. Doors open at 11 p.m. Admission costs $30. Ages 21+ with ID. 305-674-4680;

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