RIP Norm "Sugarbone" Sloan, 1948-2010

Norm "Sugarbone" Sloan was an outstanding bass player and a true gentleman of our music scene. Transplanted to South Florida in 1969, "Sugarbone" quickly immersed himself into our then-burgeoning music scene. Well-versed in playing blues, country, standards, Top 40, R&B, classic rock, and jazz-rock fusion in the bar scene, Sloan was most recently an associate of Charlie Pickett and Bobby Tak. Originally from New York City and educated in that city's underground rock 'n' roll as well as Motown and soul, "Sugarbone" cast an impressive presence alongside his upright bass and his never-ending supply of hand-rolled cigars.

But whatever words I can muster now to remember the gentleman by, I think this quote from his MySpace page solidifies best the attitude and musical know-how that he represented for 62 years:

"As a teen I spent many days cutting class to go hang around Greenwhich [sic] Village. One such day as I walked into an upstairs restaurant on Bleeker [sic] & 6th known as the Tin Angel, I spotted Jimi slumped over in a drunken stupor. Noticing his white strat slipping off his lap, I ran over to grab it before it hit the floor. While shaking his shoulder I called out; Jimi, wake up! Later that afternoon my friends and I spotted Mickey Dolenz and Davie Jones strutting down McDougal Street. We jeered, shot them the bird and threw whatever we could pick off the ground at them. Oh Yes; I have been to Electric Ladyland and I am experienced."

That you were, sir, that you were. And South Florida will miss you dearly.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.