Robb Bank$ Best Local Hip-hop Artist, Young But Staying On Point

Coral Springs bred 

Robb Bank$
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 came to our attention earlier this year after a friend left a CD mix in our car with one of this hip-hop artist's songs burned on it. Not long after, fellow South Floridian


started posting Bank$ songs on Facebook, eventually defining him as part of the Raider Klan. There was no doubt SGP and our forgetful friend had struck audio gold. 

Bank$ is just out of high school, but his voice is satisfyingly deep (we'd add sexy if it didn't feel so creepy), his beats are dark, and his sound melodic. His grill doesn't turn us off, cause from his mouth spills rhymes about Pokemon and Basquiat. 

He's at that age where you're still a teenager, embracing your youth, but leaning into adulthood. It's a time when most people are making out with frat guys or sorority girls, or working part-time at Smoothie King (does that even exist anymore?). Robb Bank$ is spitting the story of his life at this time, which in some ways converges with those other "typical" tales, but is definitely and personally his own. Maybe when he blows up all big time, he'll start rapping about being rich forever, but until then, we should enjoy his current state, something that seems pure even though it's not chaste. That's why we named him best hip-hop artist.

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