Russian Tsarlag and More Deliver a Monster Show at Snooze Theatre

Russian Tsarlag, Tracey Trance, Cop City Chill Pillars, Dim Past, JJXP 

Snooze Theatre 
March 2, 2012 

Better than: The bad kind of weird. 

In a Cheers-esque way, Lake Worth's Snooze Theatre is where everyone knows your name. Or at least your face. Chances are, you've been here before, and if not, you're likely to become a near staple sometime before the show even starts. 

Friday night, the crowd had time to grab a drink, say their hellos, and make new acquaintances before 11:06 p.m., when Cop City Chill Pillars decided the vibe was right to begin. "They've been set up for hours," an eager attendee remarked.

Before arriving to South Florida, Tracey Trance had spent the month in Iowa, where his friends were letting him stay for free. When asked why he went there, he said he "just wanted to play and watch hockey." 

"So you play hockey?" 

"No, I watch hockey, and I played music in the intermissions." 

How did that go over, we wondered, imagining Trance showing up to the rink with his shaggy blond hair carrying a keyboard covered in cardboard and duct tape. 

"It was a men's league. It was awkward at first, but then they got used to it. And when I left, they had to start bringing their own music to play."

Trance's friend, Carlos Gonzalez, AKA Russian Tsarlag, was ultimately the reason for Trance stopping at the Snooze. We're glad he did. 

Monica McGivern
"This is my favorite floor I've stood on in a while." - Tracey Trance
Russian Tsarlag performed some durgy drones of music and spoken word, in between each, the echoing of the CLICK, CLICK, CLICK of the heels hit the floor as he slowly and decidedly took steps around the room.

The act finished with a dramatic imploring to all those who were "pregnant or lactating" to avert their eyes as he was about to resurrect the "most horrible, unnatural sight" ever seen, the "Jonestown Freak." 

While we were actually able to capture a photograph of the freakishly creative "monster," we'd prefer to let your own imaginations run wild à la Hitchcock cinema. 

All we're willing to tell you is that the Jonestown Freak wore a similar style of clothing to Tracey Trance. Coincidence? We think not. 

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