Saves the Day's Chris Conley: I Don't Live an Overdramatic Life

Chris Conley, vocalist, guitarist, and chief songwriter for emo stalwarts Saves the Day, has never quite left the couch iconically depicted on the cover of his band's 1999 indie breakthrough, Through Being Cool.

That isn't to say Conley hasn't gleaned a little life experience in the decade-plus (!) since that album was released by, of all labels, tough-guy hardcore imprint Equal Vision. From a pop-punk band among a sea of West Coast straight-edge youth crew to the flagship band of the early 2000s emo bubble led by Vagrant Records to the band's current niche demographic of die-hard fans, Chris Conley has seen all shades of the DIY-indie-mainstream spectrum.

And no matter the audience, his project has always been an "on the couch" rumination on the adolescent ennui that leads to young adult depression and blossoms into the existential panic inherent to human existence.

In the buildup to Saves the Day's performance tonight at Revolution, County Grind spoke with Conley via telephone to get some insight into the psychological profile of one of punk-and-indie's most emotionally confessional songwriters.

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Matt Preira