Sheryl Crow at Hard Rock Live, Hollywood, Ticket Giveaway!

Sheryl Crow is one of those singers whom everyone kind of likes. You can hate all the other singer/songwriter weepy-girl pop-country rockers and still take a shine to this singer.

She's got class, like when her ex Lance "Not Strong Enough" Armstrong got busted for juicing, she kept her trap shut. She didn't bad-mouth the dude whom she took care of while he was sick and who then dumped her when she got the big C. That's a smart-lady move.

This is Sheryl Crow's second visit to the area in the past month or so. She played West Palm's Kravis Center just last month. This Saturday, Crow is going to sing about what makes her happy at Hard Rock Live in Hollywood for a little bit of a more "rock" crowd. Oh, yeah, you want free tickets, right? Click on for instructions.

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Sheryl Crow Ticket Giveaway Instructions 

1. Leave a comment below. 
2. From the pool of commenters, we'll randomly select a lucky Crow fan to swoon over the goddess at Hard Rock Live.
3. You have only until 6 p.m. Thursday, March 14 (today!), to enter.

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