Six TV Commercials Featuring Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby"

It's no secret that over here at New Times, we love hearing about

the latest business ventures of Vanilla Ice, AKA Rob Van Winkle. Whether it's a reality show, a real estate website, or a hotel promo, we just can't get enough. In more recent ice man news, he has become the face of the 12th annual Gathering of the Juggalos and is going by the alias "Vanilla Zerg."

But let's be honest: Without "Ice Ice Baby," it's safe to say Vanilla Ice would be nonexistent, and so would his off-the-wall adventures. So while we eagerly await Vanilla's return to the South Florida stage later this fall, let's take a look back at six of the most random commercials that decided to send Ice a royalty paycheck.

6. This Canadian commercial is for something regarding tax-free options. Such a clever play on words from "Ice Ice Baby" to "ISA ISA Baby."

5. The folks over at Castle Lite beer loved the Vanilla Ice concept so much that they made a second version of it. Those are definitely German accents, no?

4. Speaking of Deutschland, you can't go wrong with penguins singing in this German chocolate commercial.

3. Who doesn't love squirrels rapping about air conditioning?

2. Not totally random since it is the Gap, but it's still silly.

1. I bet Vanilla Ice never thought his song would one day sell refrigerators in India.

On September 3 at Hollywood's Seminole Casino, you can see Vanilla Ice perform his namesake anthem for free on an outdoor stage. Word on the street is that juggalo buddies Insane Clown Posse, Mike E. Clark, Slim Thug, and Cowboy Troy will be making guest appearances. So let's keep our fingers crossed for that one.

Vanilla Ice, 8 p.m. Saturday, September 3, at Seminole Casino, 4150 N. State Road 7, Hollywood. Free. Must be 21 or older to attend. 

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Betsey Denberg