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South Florida Craigslist Musicians Ad Roundup

Every once in a while I lurk the Craigslist musician ads in search of some local music news (lineup changes, and so forth). Here are some of my favorite recent ones.

BTW, bands, if you're looking to round out a lineup and want an extra shout-out for your ad, let me know by sending me an e-mail and I'll post something on the blog. To keep things simple, no cover bands, and no single musicians looking for other people to jam. -- Arielle Castillo

*Established indie scene favs Dance Jenny are looking for a cellist and violinist for some studio recordings. I like Dance Jenny. Go listen to them here.

*Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but I just don't think the world needs a band that sounds like "the Gym Class Heroes meets Miami." Instrument-backed hip-hop is cool -- we've already got a few local acts like ArtOfficial making moves in that realm -- but Gym Class Heroes is just weak rapping masked by watered-down rock made safe for white kids at the mall. Thank you, drive through.

*Metal singer needed in Delray Beach... Nothing really special about this ad EXCEPT that it's for a stoner/sludge metal band with influences listed including High on Fire, Neurosis, and Sleep. Hell yeah! Someone please go try out so we can have another local sludgy band to like.

*Someone's looking to start a Ramones cover band. Good news for people who want to be in a band, but don't really know how to play. Also, everyone knows tribute bands = ca$h playing for drunk people, especially as this ad was placed in Broward County, hland of endless cover bands. Unfortunately, the poster's idea for a name is Rocket to Russia, and sorry, there's already a successful local faux Ramones act by that name (well, Rock*I*t to Russia).!

*This is kind of cute. This drummer is available both as a regular drummer, but also as a Ringo Starr impersonator. HE IS IN LUCK, for if he scrolls down, hopefully he will find A BEATLES TRIBUTE BAND SEEKING A RINGO. Uncanny!

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