Straight Southern Clothing Line: Two Mother Truckers, One Southern Dream

Y'all know what the 'Merican dream is? It's like the American dream, but it's got a Southern accent. Best friends Joe Curtis and Tyler Stampler have nearly achieved it. A joke over Skype about starting a Southern-style clothing line turned into the real deal. And now the guys are slinging their Straight Southern line on the web.

To explain the concept behind the clothing company, Curtis used Billy Joel's "New York State of Mind," "New Yorkers are (in)famously known for their pride in their roots, regardless if those roots are grounded by location, family affiliation, or just the feeling of belonging. Straight Southern wants to produce exciting, quality products while keeping operations laid back, familiar, customer service oriented, and essentially make Southern hospitality tangible through our brand."

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Straight Southern offers four main products in different colors: the Straight Southern logo shirt, women's tanks, decals, and camouflage hats. All the stuff you need for an Alabama afternoon. Aside from marketing these products to the general public, Ciara Rae, a local country singer endorsed by Straight Southern, has her own special collection. The Summer collection debuts this month; the first design is the "Crazy Mother Trucker" shirt. Get it?

"Working with not only a friend, but my best friend, is entertaining to say the least," says Stampler of the perks of this union. "There are ups and downs, but when something goes bad, what do you do? Got to just hug it out. Joe is like a brother to me. We knew it would be tough to get the ball rolling, but we are doing it the right way, and that is what matters. We both know that someday our hard work will pay off in a big way." And the ball is rolling, they're selling Straight Southern in Bass Pro Shops soon.

Curtis adds, "I've known Tyler [Stampler] since middle school. I think our close relationship allows us to push each other to make sure the job is getting done... It's this trust and understanding that has allowed us to reach the quick success we have seen. It has been a great ride, and hopefully it continues."

Visit Straight Southern, their Facebook page, and Twitter.

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