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Ten Best Places to Day-Drink in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

Drinking during the day has a different feeling to it, a feeling that is the adult equivalent to skipping class. It's empowering, really. There are different levels to the day drinking game, of course, because all days in themselves are not created equal. For instance, day drinking on a Saturday by the pool is not considered rebel behavior, but day drinking at a Flanigan's on a Tuesday is seen as a sure-fire sign you stopped giving a crap about other people's opinions long ago. 

Here in South Florida we have ample locations to get our day drank on, many of which actually cater to the day drinker with great specials, and non-judgmental staff. Here are a few of the top day drinking establishments in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. Cheers! 
10. McSorley's Beach Pub

If sloshing around in some Guinness or Irish whiskey before lunch is your goal, you can do much worse than McSorley's Beach Pub in Fort Lauderdale. McSorley's is a three-story bar with a dance floor on the roof, but during the day on a workweek it's just a cool local bar with beer pong tables.

If you can find a partner to play beer pong with during the day, you hold on to that person. You cherish this person. 
9. Tap 42

You would be hard-pressed to find a day drinking place sexier than Tap 42 in Fort Lauderdale. It checks all of the day drinking boxes. Craft beer at a non-South Beach prices? Check. Food other than chicken tenders forty five different ways? Check. Friendly staff? Check. Beautiful atmosphere? Check. If you're looking to throw down some IPA's and gobble up some good eats, this is the place to be. 
8. The Tipsy Boar

The Tipsy Boar opens at noon, so by noon-thirty you can be half-past turnt the hell up with your buzzness on fleek, as "da kidz" might say. Tipsy is located close to the Hollywood Mural project, so patrons can sit on the patio and take in the art that they'll never buy. Happy hour starts at 2 p.m. at Tipsy because they believe being happy is getting cheap drinks when not at work, which to me seems very patriotic.


7. Roc-Resto Lounge

Roc Resto-Lounge & Fashion is not a clothing boutique, café, bar, lounge, restaurant, or nightclub. It's actually all of these things — and more — at once.

You may have never heard of this bar, and probably for good reason — it's a fairly new joint connected to the Coral Springs Coral Square Mall. I know, but just hang with me a second here. First of all, Roc has a happy hour that takes place daily from 11:00 a.m. until 6:30 p.m., so it's basically a day drinkers Disneyland.

Second, guests get half priced bar bites and drink specials during this time, including $2 domestic drafts, $3 imported bottles, $4 craft beer and drafts, $5 well drinks and house wines, and $6 premium and signature cocktails. The trendy atmosphere and great specials makes for a terrific place to get your day drink on, and a it's perfect place for your wife to pick you up later when you can't drive home. 
6. RA Sushi

At RA day drinkers get $3.75 hot sake, $4 well drinks and Sapporo, $5.75 select cocktails, and $6.75 for wine specials starting at 3 p.m. The spicy chicken wings at RA Sushi are great fuel for the day drinker looking to make it to a dinner reservation there, and the sushi is second-to-none. If you're a day drinker looking to stay away from the traditional day crowds that frequent the usual spots, RA is a tremendous option to keep in mind.

5. Beer Scene

With no shortage of interesting visuals to look at, Beer Scene is a great place to drink the day away while soaking up some art. Once an empty warehouse, a building at the corner of Fern Street and Quadrille Boulevard in West Palm Beach is now a striking, fully-renovated white building with a colorful graffiti beer garden.

"This whole idea — combining gourmet food with art in and outdoor, courtyard-type setting — is definitely new to South Florida. I'm excited for this project and what it will be able to do for West Palm Beach's dining scene," says Tony Solo, Beer Scene's creator. "The focus here is all artisan, from fresh food produced by hand to boutique wines and local beers."
4. Bimini Bay Bar
Bimini Bay Bar is the opposite of many of the places listed above, and that's okay. BBB brings it hard in the "I do not give a shit" department. This little bar by the Fort Lauderdale airport has the look, feel, sound, and smells of the most diviest bar you could dream up. They play porn on the televisions here — let that sink in for a moment.

It's noon, you just ordered a Jack-and-Coke, and you're watching porn. This is day drinking done right, people. 

3. Funky Buddha Brewery

From noon until midnight you can hit up Buddha's Oakland Park location and sample some of the finest locally brewed beers South Florida has to offer. No two visits are the same to Funky because the selections are always changing due to seasons and brewing schedules, so it's always a treat to see what's waiting for you behind the bar.

Funky has food trucks parked outside with award-winning street food, and the prices are brew-room friendly. Plenty of TV's and ample room to spread out with a paper and get hella-drunk make for a perfect day drinking spot. 
2. Coconuts

This is the home of the Dad that cleared his schedule and just wants to put on some Guy Harvey gear, pull down his hat, grab some crab legs, and get his day buzz on. Coconuts is a classic Fort Lauderdale Beach joint with all the seafood menu items you could hope for, and a very decent bar menu that will keep you more than entertained until the wife gets off work. The location that's right on the water makes your day drinking feel more Florida Keys vacation, and less "I just got divorced." Coconuts also has a terrific selection of wine, seeing as it doubles as an actual, you know, restaurant.

1. Rhythm & Vine
This new Fort Lauderdale spot has quickly become one of the most buzzed about places in town. It's like your friend's backyard if your friend were a lot cooler. "This was originally supposed to be used as car storage, and I had plans to turn it into a man cave," co-owner David Cardaci, who is also founder of the Whole Enchilada chain, told New Times. "But that idea didn't last long. This is what happened instead."

Now this space is a day drinker's paradise, and if you haven't been yet, change that.
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