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Ten Greatest South Florida Folk Singers of All Time

Though it hardly seems likely from the look of the South Florida music scene these days, we were once a breeding ground for folkies that went on to change the direction of modern music.

David Crosby and Joni Mitchell were frequent performers in the clubs and coffee houses of Coconut Grove, Jimmy Buffett put Key West on the map and North Miami's hallowed Criteria Studios lured many an acoustic performer seeking to make the transition from their status as traditional troubadours to modern minstrels, finding a comfortable fit in the musical mainstream.

The Grove was at the hub of that thriving folk scene, but having been transformed from an idyllic bohemian village into something resembling an overgrown shopping mall, it's lost its musical lure, even though the historic Barnacle still hosts the occasional concert in its moonlit environs.

In recent years, the folk scene's moved North, embraced by the folk and blues clubs of Boca and Delray, and the occasional house concert. Nevertheless, South Florida's folk legacy still thrives, and happily, we needn't limit our bragging to Buffett! Here is a list of the top ten folk performers who helped shape the local scene.

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Lee Zimmerman