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Ten Greatest South Florida Folk Singers of All Time

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8. Amy Carol Webb

Given the fact she's the only lady on the list -- an unfortunate thing we're forced to acknowledge pertaining to political incorrectness -- we feel obligated to name Ms. Webb the undisputed godmother of South Florida folk. But even if the competition was stiffer, she'd seize that distinction regardless.

Lauded by both Miami New Times and the Miami Herald, and further praised by Billboard magazine -- which compared her to Carole King, Janis Ian and Joni Mitchell and singled her out as an "Act to Watch" -- she's performed at the prestigious Kerrville Folk Festival and twice placed in the finals -- in the same year, no less -- at the competition sponsored by Paul Stookey's (of Peter Paul and Mary fame) Public Domain Foundation.

The locals like her because she's so giving and gracious, aside from being a true champion of the local arts. Also, she's the very embodiment of an Earth Mother extraordinaire.

7. Bob Ingram

A constant presence on the local scene since the '60s, Ingram played all the major local venues of decades past -- the Flick, Pegasus, and the Coffee House, to name but a few. He's also hobnobbed with a lot of big names -- Joni, Buffett, Crosby, Fred Neil, and Steve Goodman, among them. Nevertheless, he's never gained much traction beyond the local scene, and his reputation as a master storyteller is beyond reproach. A frequent featured performer at North Miami folk bastion, the Lone Star Cafe, he is characterised fondly in an online posting for a forthcoming appearance: "Rampant nostalgia, radical philosophy, and random hilarity." All appropriate adendums to a rowdy reputation.

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