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Ten Most Annoying Drunk Dudes You Meet at a Bar

No question, we here at the County Grind like to have a good time, have some laughs, and enjoy a few libations. Doesn't everybody? But sometimes we can get a little carried away in our merriments: One drink leads to another leads to a thousand.

Ever had a night like that? Ever been the sloppy drunk at the bar? Ever been 86'd from your favorite watering hole?

Sure there are those happy-go-lucky, life-of-the-party, shitfaced folks, but most of the time, an overly inebriated person just proves a public nuisance. You want to avoid those annoying boozers at any cost, so we're here to help.

What follows is a handy guide to help determine what kind of drunk dudes to avoid at the bar. Or, more realistically, the kind of drunk you don't want to become after imbibing entirely too much alcohol.

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Alex Rendon