Ten Musicians With Famous Dads

They say it's not what you know but who you know. Nothing proves this quite like the number of successful musicians who have famous parents. While many of the people on this list have considerable talent, there are scores of starving brilliant musicians out there who will read this and curse that they weren't born to a rock-star, comedian, or model parent.
10. Miley Cyrus
Though the duration of her celebrity has greatly outlasted that of her father's, it's hard to forget that the former Hannah Montana's daddy is none other than '90s country-music hunk Billy Ray Cyrus.  As she has twerked her way into the national consciousness, it is now more likely that people recognize Billy Ray Cyrus as Miley's dad rather than the singer of "Achy Breaky Heart."
9. Indio Downey
You might not have heard Indio Downey, though the singer/guitarist's neo-grunge band the Dose did come to the Fillmore earlier this year to open for Bush. You have, however, definitely heard of his dad, Iron Man Robert Downey, Jr., who has been very public on social media in supporting every step of his son's career.
8. Robin Thicke
It hasn't been the greatest past few years for the pop superstar. He had a highly publicized divorce from Paula Patton, and his megahit "Blurred Lines" was determined to have infringed the copyright of a Marvin Gaye song. But he can always count on his Dad, Alan Thicke, on giving him an inspiring pep talk like he did in the sitcom Growing Pains  for all those years.
7. Wardell
This indie-folk group is comprised of brother and sister Sasha and Theo Spielberg, whose father is the only famous person who shares a last name with them, Steven Spielberg. The heirs of the director of Jaws and Indiana Jones, according to their Facebook page, are working on new songs right this second.
6. Nic Collins
The 15-year-old drummer, son of Phil Collins, has already had the opportunity to play drums at charity gigs backing up his dad. The high school student who lives in Miami has also gigged around town with his band, What You Know.
5. Willow Smith
"Parents just don't understand," her father once rapped as the Fresh Prince. Will Smith, of course, knows the celebrity lifestyle his two children have embarked upon. Willow recently found massive success with hits like "Whip My Hair" and "21st Century Girl."4. Enrique Iglesias
The former Gulliver Preparatory School and University of Miami student didn't need to  depend on a degree to make it in the music business. While having the same last name as his famous father, Julio Iglesias, certainly opened doors, Enrique took full advantage of whatever opportunities nepotism granted him. He's sold 159 million records worldwide, earning him the title of "the king of Latin pop."
3. Bonnie Raitt
Just so people don't think this is an ageist list, here we have a representative from the baby-boomer generation. Bonnie Raitt found success with her blues interpretations, but her father, John Raitt, was a Broadway star in musicals like Oklahoma and Carousel.
2. The Strokes
It's been so long since the New York five-piece saved rock 'n' roll, it's easy to forget they were once dismissed as trust-fund brats. Singer Julian Casablancas' dad is modeling agency head honcho John Casablancas. Guitarist Albert Hammond, Jr., was named after his father, who found success as a singer-songwriter on hits like "It Never Rains in Southern California."
1. Elle King
The sultry singer of the super catchy "Ex's & Oh's" has perhaps the most surprising dad on the list. The woman who mixes country, soul, rock, and blues into her repertoire is the scion of Rob Schneider. That connection might not have helped her music career, but it allowed her to have her first acting role be as "Cookie Girl" in Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo.

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