The Cosmic Twins Land

South Florida techno lovers, listen up. Pornograph Events has one hell of a double booking lined up this Saturday, with legends Derrick May and François K scheduled to play Nocturnal's Eden Terrace Garden this Saturday.

Derrick May is, of course, one of Detroit's legendary "Belleville Three," the trio of early electronic music pioneers that also includes high school buddies Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson. May and the other two are credited with originating the futuristic sound dubbed "techno" back in the mid-1980s. May's name remains inseparable from the ongoing history and development of the genre. He continues to produce and tour internationally, performing his signature brand of "hi-tek soul," which blends Parliament-influenced funk with robotic synth stylings inspired by Kraftwerk.

Meanwhile, François Kevorkian, AKA François K, is a New York-based French transplant who played a pivotal role as DJ at the Paradise Garage and Studio 54 in the late 1970s. As such, he helped define what would come to be known as house music through his track selections and then later through his own production and remixing work. Then, in the mid-1990s, he founded his own imprint, Wave Music, and helped start one of the most legendary New York house music parties to date, the now-defunct Sunday afternoon Body&SOUL.

Still, François K's sound has changed with the times, and in the past few years, he's been exploring, through his Deep Space NYC parties and mixes, all facets of "dub." This has included, in a single set, anything from electro to disco to techno, even dubstep and drum 'n' bass.

No matter what the technical genre term is for a single track, it's all about what's soulful, which is at the root of the Cosmic Twins' sound. May and K have been playing under the moniker for several years now, and the titans' individual styles are complementary. K fans will be surprised, perhaps, by his departure from house, and May's fans will appreciate his forays into dubby turf. Solo, neither DJ plays in Miami much outside of (or even during) the World Music Conference, and together, pretty much never. Any true techno and house fan will recognize the significance of this show, which pays homage to three decades of electronic dance music. Get your ass down to the Terrace that night, no excuses!

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