The Motet's Dave Watts Calls Jam Cruise: "Not Your Average Gig"

Well, while the rest of us grudgingly slink back to our cubicles, several thousand luckier music fanatics embark from Fort Lauderdale on the six-day concert bender known as Jam Cruise. The yearly cruise to a different exotic location features the best touring acts in the jam, funk, and bluegrass scene, all playing and partying as one. Bah humbug. 

Jam Cruise 11 sets sail on January 7, but not before the Motet get down at the Funky Biscuit for a pre-Jam Cruise party on January 5. The Boulder-based crew has been mashing up jazzy-funky-electro grooves for over a decade. This year, the Motet will perform two different shows on Jam Cruise: one a classic Motet set featuring time-honored original songs, and another "Funk is Dead" set, the band's latest endeavor covering Grateful Dead tunes. The Motet's funked-up reshaping of the Dead has earned major enthusiasm, and the band has spent the better part of the past year playing Funk is Dead sets. 

We recently chatted with Dave Watts, drummer, founder, leader, and funk guru of the Motet, on the enigma that is Jam Cruise and carrying on the Dead torch. 

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Grace Stainback