The Ten Best Bars for Summer in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

Summer is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than to prepare a hurricane supplies list? Just kidding; this isn't that list. This is a list of the best places to throw back some drinks this summer. We're obviously lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world. While some families around the United States are smashing their piggy banks to save up for a South Florida summer vacation, we are already here — and it's pretty awesome, so you should get out and take advantage of it. 

Don't waste a minute this summer, and check out these ten best summer bars in Broward and Palm Beach.

Aruba Beach Cafe

It's summertime in Florida, so any bar with "beach" and "cafe" in its name is already ahead of the game. Aruba's ambiance is just nice and relaxing enough to make you feel like you're on a calm vacation, but the live music reminds you that you're here to party. As with most South Florida beach bars, the seafood and rum runners are plentiful, and the view is like a Captain Morgan-scented postcard. 

Jump the Shark

Just about every weekend, there's something both strange and awesome going down at Jump the Shark. Owner Garo Gallo has been a strong ally to the local music and arts scene for years, and he makes sure to bring all types of South Florida talent through JTS' colorful doors. 

Listening to loud rock ’n’ roll in the muggy open air of Jump the Shark's backyard is one hell of a way to spend your summer nights. Reasonable beer and wine prices don't hurt either. 

Boston's on the Beach

Boston's is a great place to go this summer if you're looking for more than just tequila shots, because the food is wicked good. Crab stuffed shrimp and authentic New England clam chowder? This isn't just some dive bar with a blender. Obviously if you are a Yankees fan, this is a place you skip, because it's a huge Red Sox bar.  

Plus, it's another beach bar. So after you're done at Aruba, just take hit the sand and take a six-hour stroll north and you'll be at Boston's! You'll be very sunburnt and dehydrated, but you'll be at Boston's! 
The Sports Den at Manor Lanes

Summer, for many people, means that the kids are out of school. And that means the kids are home. Inside. Making noise and running around like hairy tornados. Take those little monsters bowling. A couple of hours tossing around heavy balls at Manor Lanes is sure to make them nice and sleepy so you can watch Game of Thrones in peace later.

But while everyone is having their fun upstairs, you'll be downstairs at the adjacent Sports Den, where there's a surprisingly great selection of craft beer, Ping-Pong, pool, and TVs the size of swimming pools. And after a couple OF cold ones, make your way over to the lanes to show your family who the real champ is.

101 Ocean

Upscale atmosphere at a price that isn't ridiculous. What sets 101 Ocean apart from most of the other bars in the area is just how amazing the attention to detail is and how comfortable the outdoor area is for lounging around with a drink. You'll feel comfortable at 101 whether you're sipping Bud Light or some fancy cocktail. It's a mix-and-match crowd, which makes the people-watching even more interesting than usual. 

Also, Rhino Doughnuts, Diamonds and Doggies, and Kilwins are right next door, so after you're nice and sauced-up, you can go get a doughnut, a puppy, and ice cream, which sounds like a great idea if you've had five Bud Lights. 
America's Backyard 

Cold beer on tap and crowds that are always looking to make a normal Tuesday night seem like a New Year's Eve bash. That's what America's Backyard delivers weekend after weekend, and it's a solid recipe for some good, old-fashioned summer fun. Some of the places on this list serve duck and fancy drinks, but America's Backyard serves various liquors inside of a bucket. So yeah, this is the place you go to get turnt the hell up. 

Bamboo Beach Tiki Bar

And we're back at the beach! Can you blame us? It's just so gosh-darnED beautiful out, and the salty air makes us thirsty so we can drink more.

The Bamboo Beach Tiki Bar is right on the beach. Not across the street or over the bridge but on the beach. Bonus points right off the bat for that. In addition to your traditional tiki bar items, Bamboo has things like conch fritters and seafood nachos. You might recognize this bar from being featured on Spike TV's Bar Rescue, and whatever Jon Taffer and his crazy eyes did worked.
Two Georges Waterfront Bar

With two locations, in Deerfield and Boynton Beach — both like mini Key West vacations — Two Georges is the perfect place to spend your summer if you're more Jimmy Buffett than Lil Wayne. At the Boynton Beach location, they carry local Due South Brewing beers as well as many other craft beers, like Dogfish Head and Funky Buddha. So you're not sacrificing quality for the sake of a pretty location. The Two Georges' seafood platters and fish entrées pair perfectly with a stiff drink and the live music. 

And you can get there by boat! Or by riding a manatee! Actually, take a boat. Manatee riding is illegal. 
Tap 42

This isn't the first time we've put Tap 42 on one of these lists. But there is a reason for this: The place is the business. There really is no reason to mess around; Tap 42 has everything you need. From one of the biggest selections of craft beer around to the highest-quality food that's equal parts creative and tasty as hell, Tap 42 should be the place you drink this summer. The minds behind Tap 42 are also planning on attaching a Mexican restaurant called Bar Rita to the Fort Lauderdale location, so this place is only getting better. And those same minds have already opened Warsaw Coffee in Fort Lauderdale, so if you get hungover, they can help with that too.

Tap 42 is opening a Boca location in June, and plans for a Coral Gables location are underway. So now there's really no excuse for South Florida not to enjoy them some tap. 
Funky Buddha Brewery 

Forget the food for a second; this is a damned bar list. So let's go directly to the source. Funky Buddha has food trucks, sure, but the goal here is to sit your butt on those wooden stools and have beer served to you directly from the tank it was brewed in. Plenty of TVs, lots of space to mingle, great drinks — what else do you want? It's close enough to the beach that it makes for a perfect stop on the way home from a long day in the sun. Funky Buddha has pretty much taken over South Florida's craft beer scene, and you're going to want to spend some time there this summer to find out why. 

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