The Ten Longest Album Titles Ever

Album titles can be the most annoying or marvelous aspect of an artist's work. Judging by Goo, Sonic Youth's 1990 major-label breakthrough, or Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, Spoon's 2007 retro-pop smash, titles can be as stupid as the music is sophisticated. But if the idea is to set the recording apart from all others, choosing a bizarre (but memorable) name like Zaireeka -- as the Flaming Lips did in 1997 -- isn't a bad strategy.

Upon hearing today's news that West Palm Beach experimental psychedelia outfit Weird Wives' full-length debut features a 29-word title, we got to thinking about other albums that are remembered best for being a mouthful of words. And there are plenty that zoom way past Modest Mouse's 1996 debut, This Is a Long Drive for Someone With Nothing to Think About, both in terms of length and syntax. We're talking album names that are so long that they piss off your iTunes library, they are certainly relinquished to a nickname of some sort, and they're probably complete nonsense.

Here are the ten longest album titles we could find -- each is 20 words or more, and we dare you to memorize any of them.

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Reed Fischer
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