The Ten People You Meet at Okeechobee Festival

I wish it weren't true, but the Okeechobee Festival is over. My brain still swims in a special mix of overindulgence and lack of sleep, but looking back at all these music and people slideshows is helpful to my transition.

I miss my new friends and all the strange characters, but it's enough to know these wild animals all converged for an impermanent but perfect moment. Did you notice how friendly the rickshaw drivers were? How beautiful the hippies looked? Let's all refresh our memories and get reacquainted with these folks. Maybe one of these people is you.

10. Hippies
Monday night, before finally sleeping in my own bed, my roommate and I reflected on the totally posi-chill vibes of Okeechobee Festival. I don't think I've ever been to such a friendly, communal camping fest in my life, and we decided it was because there were so many damned hippies around. Hippies may be dirty and smell like spiritual essence, but they are some damned good people, y'all.

9. Sunburned White People
This had to have been day one. Look at how white and unsheltered from the sun this dude is. No doubt he was beet red by the time he packed up to head home. It happened to everyone. There was no escaping it. It was worth it.

8. Space People
I can't say whether this person pictured was on drugs at all, but we can say with great assurance that the friend we came with never came down in his whole 72-hour experience. We can also say the same was probably true for at least 5 percent of the Okeechobee Fest population. The music went all night long, it never stopped once, which is perfect for keeping the wide-eyed occupied and also from straying all over the campgrounds at 4 a.m. blasting dubstep. Good job, Okeechobee programmers. We hope you space people have caught up on sleep.

7. Light People
Given that so many people spent their festival in outer space, it was great that so many other festivalgoers dressed themselves head-to-toe in lights. We saw quite a few of these gorgeous light coats. We saw a few really fabulous jelly light totems and one light-up rainy cloud. Some people wore those custom stick-figure light suits. Some people just wandered the crowd asking if anyone wanted a finger show. It was heady af out there, bruv.

6. Hip-Hop Heads
Speaking of heads, I don't think I've ever been to a camping festival that so perfectly represented the great hip-hop coming out right now. Hip-hop is a genre leading the pack in commercially supported artistic experimentation, and with so many people consuming these artists' creations, it's only right that music festivals start giving rappers more shine. From Kendrick Lamar's uplifting jazz-hop to Future's double-cup mumble trap, from Mac Miller's wasted philosopher musings to Big Grams psychedelic funk trip, there were so many flavors of hip-hop to enjoy. It's a beautiful moment to be a head, and it was great to celebrate it together in such a beautiful setting.

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