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The Twilight Saga's Five Best Musical Moments

Come Friday -- or Thursday for the real Twi-Hards -- it's all coming to an end. That's right, the vampire love story that captured the undivided attention of teenage girls and grown women, making their kids late for school, hair unwashed, dogs unwalked, wraps up in the final installment of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II.

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But before we close the chapter on Edward and Bella, we're going to take a look back at the five best musical moments from these classic vamp-romance films. Because even if you didn't like the Cullen clan, you can't deny that those soundtracks were damn good.

5. "Turning Page" - Sleeping at Last

This was the moment all the Twi-hards were waiting for: The wedding between Edward and Bella. Now they could finally mate according to Mormon propriety. As Bella walked down the aisle, the instrumental version of the song plays while the room of Twi-hards freaks out over every inch of her dress. An honorable mention goes to the song "Fightless Bird, American Mouth" by former Miami-guy Iron and Wine that is heard during the wedding kiss.

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