Top 10 Block x Blog Fashion Statments

Block x Blog was a celebration.

Fort Lauderdale musicians, artists, vendors, and scenesters all came together under the unified roof of the Revolution Live complex to show what makes Broward County special and reminisce about the good things of youth. The place was decorated with balloons bent into oversize flowers, hanging floppy discs, and around every corner, someone was playing Super Nintendo. It was also 4/20, so it's likely some of those in attendance celebrated how awesome weed is, too.

With so many themes in play; 8-bit, nostalgia, record-collecting, weed; there were many ways to interpret the day through one's party apparel. What follows is a collection of our favorite looks of the inaugural Block x Blog music festival.

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10. The most important thing you can do with your clothes is rep who you are. This guy is reppin' his city, his team, and his nostalgic childhood hero all at the same time! We hope he was off to give away those awesome Black Locust Society totes, because looks like that deserves to be shared.

9. This girl knows how to get the sexy look, without compromising comfort. It was a hot and rainy afternoon in South Florida this Saturday, and thus, the perfect time to show a little skin. Her sheer top allows for cool breeze benefits, while also helping protect from nasty bugs and total creepsters. Plus, the billowy fabric gives her arms free reign on the 8-bit basketball court.

8. This guy may have been one of the classiest lookin' motherfuckers in all of Revolution! His look says, "I'm here to be serious, but not so serious that I can't roll my sleeves up and get grimy." His white-tee brings the look back to the common man.

7. Block x Blog was all about celebrating nostalgia, and what's more nostalgic than letting your inner child out to play with a hula hoop? It doesn't matter if you're a boy or a girl, hula hoops don't judge. Plus, it's a nice way to get some exercise between beers.

6. These two strapping individuals brought the arcade theme to life with their colorful and adorable video game tees. Watch out Pac-Man! You're about to get gobbled by a super-cute pink ghost! We don't think he minds.

We especially love the detail of little Mario on the hat. This guy is in theme from head to toe!

5. A little sweat never hurt anybody, and it only makes the guys from MillionYoung look that much more - wet. As an audience, you just want to know that the show meant something to the artist, and you can literally see from this picture that these guys gave that performance their all. Adorbs alert! Frontman Mike Diaz' sweat pooled in the shape of a heart! Collective "aww."

4. Sometimes, you don't bring the fashion, the fashion comes to you. This guy saw a random prop hanging around and saw an opportunity for greatness. Facial hair is still pretty big in the men's fashion scene, but this mustache is just plain gigantic! He needs to eat a mushroom and grow into that sucker.

3. There's a simple rule when it comes to labeling a party "good" or "lame." If by a certain hour, things don't start to get a little "weird," then you're definitely at a "lame" party. Good thing Afrobeta's Cuci Amador hit the stage in a gigantic pigeon head, leaving no doubt that Block x Blog was a serious banger. Extra point for working the NES Duck Hunt gun into her look.

2. Afrobeta's Smurphio took the prize for best footwear, rockin' some sporty teddy-slipper sneaks. It's both adorable and functional. The rubbery bottoms allow for grip while the happy-to-see-you teddy bear tongues scream "DO YOU PARTY?" Definitely the best use of "nostalgia" we saw all weekend.

1. Holy Ghost! kept it classic with the fitted, quater-sleeve leather jacket look, which might as well be part of the Brooklyn music-hipster uniform. Sure, it's South Florida, and it's gross and hot and muggy, but part of fashion is ignoring all sense and reason and going with what looks best. We appreciate their sweat, and their jams.

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