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Top 50 Punk Bands, a State-by-State Breakdown, Part Two: Hawaii to Maryland

Continuing our cheeky forays into the vast world of regional punk rock, this time around we'll look alphabetically at pioneering outfits hailing from Hawaii through Maryland. While this listing is in no way a "complete" and/or authoritative project on the subject matter, it will help you delve deeper into the genre of punk-rock.

Dear reader, we love to discover new music as much as the next guy, so allow us to help you embark on musical journeys of your own with part two of our state-by-state punk band breakdown.

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The Squids - "Tourist Riot"

You'd think that with the throngs of annoying tourists circulating around Hawaii's shores, there would be a lot more dissension amongst the natives. While not ripe with punk rock sounds per se, Hawaii's the Squids are an early example of progressive punk. There's enough Germs and Devo in this track to keep anyone happy.


Septic Death - "Thaw"

I want you to think of Pushead and Septic Death the next time you scarf down on a potato. Brian Schroeder went on to become the guy behind some iconic album covers, T-shirt designs and even a pair of Nike Dunks sneakers. And they say the youth in the '80s was wasted.


Articles of Faith - "Bad Attitude"

Articles of Faith defined Chicago's hardcore scene. Vocalist and musical director Vic Bondi has gone on to a varied career in academics and software design, proving yet again, the kids in the '80s were not lost.

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Zero Boys - "Amphetamine Addiction"

The Midwest's powerhouse punk rock can be best seen in the sheer energy and youthful socio-political leanings of Indianapolis' Zero Boys. Active from the late '70s through the early '90s, these songs are still fun today!

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