Top Ten Best "Unflattering Beyoncé" Memes

Beyoncé Knowles. The voluptuous pop goddess is breathtakingly beautiful and an impassioned role model to her buzzing BeyHive. Needless to say, it's hard to hate the lovely Queen Bey.

But when a series of awkward, mean-muggin' pics of the star surfaced after her halftime-show performance at the 2013 Super Bowl, the internet went cray. Beyoncé's been superimposed everywhere from a zombie apocalypse to the wrestling ring (alongside beefy "Suck It!" gesturing duo D-Generation X). And it doesn't matter that she's banned all photography at her shows. Because Unflattering Beyoncé is a meme icon.

And in honor of the diva's visit to South Florida, we've chosen the creme of the Beyoncé meme crop to share here.

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10. Bey's a survivor, she's not gon give give up, she's not gon stop, she's gon work harder.

9. That Ermahgerd face is on point though.

8. Damn, what's Jay cooking for dinner?

7. Sasha Fierce says "seven days!"

6. Bey, you just murdered Katy Perry.

5. Knowles is a bona fide cocaine lord, through and through.

4. Dammmnn! Sorry Ice Cube, but Beyoncé's the ultimate wingwoman.

3. Who run the world? Swole girls!

2. Now we know what you meant when you said crazy.

1. And if you're not down with my stank face, we got two words for ya! SUCK IT!"

And just for shits and gigs, some wise words from Blue Ivy Carter:

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