Top Ten Patriotic Songs for Hipsters

Here's the dilemma: It's Memorial Day and you and your gaggle of art school friends have the day off from class. You want to have a barbeque. You've made a list of items to pick up at Whole Foods, including a dozen Adzuki bean burgers (here's a nifty little recipe), some Seitan ribs, Daiya mac 'n' cheese, and avocados (because avocados really go great with everything). Also, don't forget to grab a five liter keg of Rauchbier Marzen or maybe Oberon, and of course a case of PBR. Oh, and pick up a couple of bottles of organic Chardonnay for the ladies (Bonterra 2012 Chardonnay seems nice). And dust off the Twister for some after-grillin' hijinks.

How about the right music to set the patriotic mood? Should you go totally ironic and crank Garth Brooks and Toby Keith tunes all day? But what if your second-tier friends (you know, those friends of friends you've met at the Sigur Rós show last month or the gals you hung out with at the previous art walk) think you actually like that hillbilly stuff? Stick to your guns and find the right mix of tunes that express patriotism but aren't mainstream. Check the top ten patriotic songs for hipsters here.

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Alex Rendon