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Top Ten Stoner Anthems for Celebrating 4/20 This Week

Though the origins behind why 4/20 has become synonymous with marijuana are as hazy as the inside of a bong, the pothead community has embraced the date as theirs. In observance of the year's most blazin' countercultural holiday, we've compiled a list of the ten greatest stoner anthems of all time. Celebrate responsibly, friends!

10. Peter, Paul & Mary, "Puff the Magic Dragon"
Is this a simple nursery song or a subversive melody meant to indoctrinate the young ones early? We might never know the truth, but that's part of the fun of this 1963 folkie.    

9. Sublime, "Smoke Two Joints"
Originally a reggae song released in 1983 by the Toyes, '90s punkers Sublime recorded the sped-up version you most likely know and love. 

8. Afroman, "Because I Got High"
Relistening to this 2000 soulful hip-hop ballad, you realize it could be an antidrug cautionary tale more effective than anything Nancy Reagan ever cooked up, but its playful tone makes it also a celebration of the power of weed to make you say "fuck it" to any occasion. 

7.  The Steve Miller Band, "The Joker"
"I'm a joker/I'm a smoker/I'm a midnight toker." Those three lines in the chorus help the rest of this 1973 classic-rock song with all its talk of space cowboys make a little more sense.

6.  The Beatles, "With a Little Help From My Friends"
It's hard to pick just one song by the Fab Four that celebrates weed. Once they got high, just about every song from Rubber Soul on had a drug reference. But Ringo Starr bragging that he gets high with a little help from his friends is the most overt. 

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