Top Ten Stoners You'll Meet at a Dave Matthews Concert

If you're in a large group of people listening to the Dave Matthews Band, the law of probability states that you and everyone within hearing distance will likely be participating in a little traditional peace-pipe action. It's just a matter of time before the percussive chimes and fluttering saxophone inspire those lighters to flicker as you warm up your favorite glass piece. When DMB comes to West Palm Beach this week, your best defense against bros and mosquitoes is definitely a little crackling Mary Jane.

Standing barefoot in the grass, coughing while the band works itself into a jazzy jam frenzy, you may end up feeling a little paranoid from the sticky crippy you procured from a guy in the parking lot. So that you know you're not alone and no one is actually a narc, here is a rundown of five types of stoners you're likely to encounter on your date with Dave.

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C. Townsend Rizzo