Travis Morrison

Travis Morrison, who brings his indie-funk dance party to Respectable Street Café on Friday, December 3, answers the question:

What albums are you looking forward to?

"I have a good feeling about the next Decemberists' record, and I can't wait for another Justin Timberlake. I really hope he breaks things open. What is he now, 12? He can finally drive. That last one had four unbeatable songs, and that's pretty good. It's better than most indie-rock records. He can go on a Prince or a Stevie Wonder run for, like, five years where he touches a piano and gold pours out of him. That may be coming for him soon."

And what's Morrison bumping on the tour bus?

Jay-Z, The Black Album

Joanna Newsom, The Milk-Eyed Mender

Basement Jaxx, Kish Kash

Q and Not U, Power ("Not quite the classic album they could make, but it's close.")

John Vanderslice, Cellar Door

Kanye West, College Dropout

Stephen Malkmus, Pig Lib ("Not being a big Pavement fan, I thought that was unbelievable. His phrasing is mind-boggling.")

Deerhoof, Milk Man ("Once you get past the fact that the lead singer sounds like a cross between a woodland creature and a trumpet, they're unbelievably musical.")

Black Dice, Creature Comforts

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