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Tribut Apparel Team Up With School of Rock for Video Contest

For those who think rock 'n' roll is dead, we'd like to introduce the School of Rock. Yes, there are still people actively committed to making music with real instruments, to learning how to skillfully handle guitars, drums, tambourines.

A Deerfield Beach apparel line, Tribut, cofounded by guitar hero Joe Bonamassa, is also dedicated to keeping rock's bulky, hairy chest heaving. They've teamed up with the Coral Springs and West Broward branches of the School of Rock on a "Future Rock Star" video contest. There are five prizes, but the first-place winner gets a full scholarship for the 2013 fall season.

Shante Gordon-Armstrong of Tribut says they got involved because "we are supportive of music that's happening in the area. Music is leaving the schools, left and right. This is a way for us to highlight that music is alive and well and good, and it's a good outlet for the kids."

Tribut apparel presents blues and classic-rock fans with throwback T's from the '60s to the '90s. They've partnered with Guitar World, Elmore, and Relix magazines in the past. This time, with the school, the aim is a little different. Gordon-Armstrong describes the connection between the two partners as just kind of making sense. They're both all about rock and are both Broward-based. "We love that they're trying to keep [rock] alive."

Today is your last day to apply. So, whip out your phone and start strumming or banging on things. Gordon-Armstrong says of the submissions, "They're awesome. These kids really get into it." Adding, "There are a couple of really good ones. We got this one from an 11-year-old out of the Coral Springs school, and he just killed it. It's amazing to see how good these kids are at such a young age."

You have till September 30, noon EST, to vote on a winner. First, second, and third places are decided on by you, and there are two wild cards, so the instructors can weigh in. Click here to vote. And visit Tribut Apparel.

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