Uno, Dos, Tres: Top 5 Ways Green Day Has Sold Out the Punx

In the wake of Nirvana, the major-label punk-rock gold rush of the '90s ripped open the underground like a vulture picking at a fresh carcass. And with their acclaimed, multiplatinum breakthrough, Dookie, Green Day were the ultimate symbol of moving from the secret world of house shows and Food Not Bombs to the egregious swank of Green Room culture.

Ever since, it seems like Billie Joe Armstrong, Tre Cool, and Mike Dirnt have been hellbent on committing every nonpunk act in the book. They've even announced a new concept album trilogy -- titled, respectively, Uno, Dos, and Tres. Didn't these guys learn anything from the Clash's Sandinista? Punks hate concept albums and trilogies.

This kind of baiting is nothing new. Check out or top five indulgences after the jump.

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Green Day Sold Out When They Toured With Blink-182
The only thing more ridiculously desperate than Green Day touring with Blink-182 on 2002's "Pop Disaster Tour" is when Bad Religion opened for Blink in 2000. Though, we do imagine it was fun to watch Green Day's chief demographic (hairy-palmed '90s oafs and the only lusty tween boys not into Skrillex) interact with Blink-182's shrieking jailbait scene.

Green Day Sold Out When They Wrote a Broadway Musical
We hate American Idiot if only because it gave jabronies a reason to use the phrase "punk-rock musical." Additionally, "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" is some sappy bullshit. Hey, Bill, save it for your Hot Topic-y picture Tumblr.

Green Day Sold Out When They Filmed a Commercial for Rhapsody
We will admit that the concept for this commercial -- 51 Green Day lyrics turned into literal characters, scenes, or props -- is kinda cool. But what could be less punk rock than a commercial for a subscription to an internet downloading service. Oi oi oi?

Green Day Sold Out When Billie Joe Armstrong Started Wearing Mascara
We do not object to men wearing mascara. We object to Billie Joe Armstrong wearing mascara.

Green Day Sold Out When They Played the Super Bowl Halftime Show
This hasn't actually happened yet. But it's such a nasty inevitability that we might as well be the first to list it on the internet.

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