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Vans Warped Tour's Ten Best Rainy Day Looks

If there were a festival and place most suited for the rain, it would be the Vans Warped Tour Music Festival at Cruzan Amphitheatre. Florida summertime thunderstorms are refreshing, and while these kids are dressed to impress, that doesn't meet they're wearing lasers, electronic gloves, or spiky stilettos. These pop-punkers know how to enjoy a good grimy mosh pit, they wore the mud like war paint, and they know your Chucks might as well be those of Taylor Swift if they've never braved a bit of wet dirt.

That's why those attending this Saturday's Warped blowout maintained an air of awesome about them despite any drizzle or downpour. Here are ten of the best rainy day looks we spotted at the tour's West Palm Beach stop.

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10. Pink Argyle

There is nothing more "Warped" than feeling the hands of strangers grabbing at your thighs and armpits as you experience the ultimate experiment in trust. This lady is dressed just right to crowd-surf, her butt and boobs are properly covered, and those pulled-up pink argyles are sending us into a fashion frenzy.

9. Yin-Yang

This cutie's going full force with the brown and platinum tresses. Repping a more aggressive sound than you might find at Warped with a DC band Darkest Hour tank, plenty of friendship bracelets, and wallet chains, this young rocker knows how to coolly balance the retro with the current.

8. Bahhhh

Tonight Alive's Jenna McDougall dressed adorably, mostly in black: faded black jeans, Vans, and backward cap. But she cleverly took the goat tee to the most fem level possible by wearing simply a non-Satanic form of this devilish quadruped. In fact, a goaty Satan was the biggest style look of the year, both in the crowd and on the stage. McDougall's is, though, by far, the most adorbs.

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7. You've Got a Bra on Yer Head, Brah.

You want to know who got the most play in the mud? This dude, the one who has a filthy bra strapped to his skull. We salute your bold choice in headgear.

6. With a Bow on Top

This little miss is dressed like the way we'd want our imaginary daughter to dress when heading out to head-bang. The bow is so very Sex and the City, as is the tie-dye homemade top. Tie dye for? Yes, you're welcome. She didn't even overlook the little things like her bear iPhone case and perfectly feminine and beach ready bag.

5. Glam-tastic

The colorful Beebs of Beebs and Her Money Makers, didn't let the rain wilt the flower in her hair. If you're going to dye your locks, this is the way to go. And the whole fairytale ensemble is reminiscent of Tim Burton if his aesthetic were dipped in ska.

4. Ouch!

We couldn't do all that ourselves, but hats off to you, pierced-goddess. With all that automatic look, your simple halter looks more than ready to wear at Warped.

3. Eh, Que?

Legends never die but that mustache look did, years ago! Either way, these two came prepared for a little drizzle in these adorable sombreros.

2. If You're Going to San Francisco...

Be sure to wear flowers in your hair, whether it be on Haight Street or at Cruzan Amphitheatre. Not sure what homeboy's shirt is getting at, but as long as he's giving blood, and fanboying Jesus, we can forgive his bandanna.

1. Red Hot

We conclude this list with the quintessential Warped fashionista. She's got the tats, a touch of rockabilly, a dash of classic punk. Most important, her skull-and-crossbone-decorated, striped umbrella completes any rainy day look.

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