Video: Five Monday Morning Punk Classics

Video: Five Monday Morning Punk Classics

I know Monday mornings better than the next guy with chalk up his nose and a raging sense that he might've misplaced his ATM card in the nook and/or cranny of some tranny ho last night! And because I continuously battle my middle-aged demons in the losing battle that is ageing punk rockliness, I present the Monday Morning Brouhaha!!! Just a couple of tunes to invigorate, eradicate and hopefully stomp-start your morn!

Annoy the hell out of your coworkers with our five picks below.

05. Black Flag - "Rise Above"
For many years I wanted to "rise above" and then I realized my coworkers were just as hung-over as me. Rise above? Fuck that! Who gets to the coffee first!!!

04. Chronic Sick - "Mucho Macho"
Yeah get macho and shut up. Look at these guys. Cutest guys in hardcore? Please! Swastikas, cross-dressing and perms?! Maybe you should just call out sick! Or get tough!

03. Weirdos - "Solitary Confinement"
Yeah, even if it sounds bad, it is still better than your stupid-ass boss's free-doughnut breath. Stay alone. Live for real!

02. Middle Class - "Out of Vogue"
You know you feel slightly askew. This is not what you wanted for your life... was it? Dinkus! Nah, but shit, the term made Madge mad money many years down the line. Oh well. Stay askew. We're almost there. It's less than a minute long, hang in there.

01. Articles of Faith - "Bad Attitude"
You're gonna tell me you have a good one this early on down the week? Maybe I should take your number down and have you buy a round when Friday comes along... fucker.

Tune in next Monday. Or don't. Who knows?


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