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West Palm Musician Keelan O'Carroll Helps People Through the Power of Music

Florida native Keelan O'Carroll has known he wanted to make music since he was a 16-year-old kid, locked away in his room teaching himself to play guitar and pouring out all his teenage angst into lyrics.

Although music was always a passion, the West Palm musician only became serious about making his mark on the South Florida music scene about three years ago when he started putting the pieces of newly released EP, Words, together. He says that it offers a good idea of what he's been doing for the past 16 years. "I was writing, and some of the stuff that I recorded was newer and some of it was those ideas and things from when I was 16," he explains.

This Irish Floridian is more interested in the impact his songs have on others than on the sexier side of being a performing musician. When asked why he loves what he does he had a heartfelt answer. "Music has done so much for me throughout my life. Really, I just wanted to be able to give something back," and he's all about helping others with his words. Speaking of his track "Words" he explained, "It's all about the power of what we say and how we can build people up or tear people down."

It's also about helping people think twice about what they say, something most don't do enough of, according to the blue-eyed musician. "Once it's out there, you can't take it back." The powerful track showcases O'Carroll's emotional vocals that just might take you back to the '90s with a hint of the Killers' Brandon Flowers bleeding through.

No stranger to the epidemic of trolling on the internet, O'Carroll admitted that even he gets down on himself at times when people are overly critical when commenting on his music. We live in an age where people can pretty much get away with saying whatever they want to without any consequences. Hell, Jimmy Kimmel even made a bit out of celebrities reading the meanest tweets about themselves out there, something O'Carroll mentioned when we talked.

He realizes the potential and power musicians have to influence and that's something he's mindful of when writing his own songs. His philosophy when it comes to music and his life is not just to entertain but to inspire change and help people grow, sharing what he's learned through his songs.

When he's not helping people through the power of his music, he's dedicating his time to a nonprofit organization called Family Promise that helps homeless families get back on their feet. He also loves cooking, photography, and travel, and is a total foodie as is evidenced by his Instagram where you can see different plates of food from his favorite local eateries.

Not sure where the future will take him, O'Carroll is open to whatever comes, though he hopes to stay in South Florida for as long as possible. He and his band are currently putting together a tour schedule, so keep your ears, eyes, and maybe even your hearts open for Keelan.

Visit Keelan's ReverbNation, Twitter, and Facebook.

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