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Willow Smith Shows Off Fake Tongue Ring; Five Famous Daughters We Love to Hate

There is no shortage of celebrity offspring doing stupid things on the internet. And it looks like 11-year old Willow Smith has just been added to that list. Today she and a friend shared a photo on Instagram showing off some questionable body piercings. Although the photo created quite a media frenzy, Smith later commented that the photo was a hoax.

While posing with fake body piercings does make us want to roll our eyes, she's not the first celebrity offspring to cue our gag reflex.

Take a peek at our list of famous daughters we love to hate. And don't forget to add your own picks in the comment section.

5. Miley Cyrus
This might be an obvious choice but Miley Cyrus rarely skips a week without doing something idiotic. Whether it's rambling about smoking weed or flashing a side boob, the once Disney darling makes us cringe.

4. Kelly Osbourne
Granted she's rehabilitated herself quite a bit, and we don't totally hate seeing her on E!.  But, this doesn't mean we've forgotten about the days of a failed attempt at a music career, pill popping woes, and being an all around obnoxious spoiled brat on The Osbournes. Also, didn't she go through a Paris Hilton BFF phase?

3. Suri Cruise

Is it wrong to hate on a toddler? Maybe. But we just cannot stand Suri Cruise.  Who cares what she's wearing? And why is she always so angry in photos?

2. Lourdes Ciccone Leon
Sorry Madonna, but we can't really stand your daughter "Lola". Always with a smug look on her face, this tweenager apparently is too cool for school. Also, why is she smoking at 15?

1. Peaches and Pixie Geldof
We're still trying to figure out why this sister duo is so famous.

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