A Pawn in a Rich Couple's Game

Is that your engagement ring? Yeah, whatever, Cinderella.

Patricia Dash of Palm Beach Gardens is looking for its actual owner after finding the ring at the Palm Beach Grill a few weeks ago, and she took her search to WPBF instead of pawning it. I suppose that's the nice thing about losing your engagement ring at a swanky joint like the Palm Beach Grill -- if you can afford to eat there, then your fellow diners can afford to be good Samaritans when you lose diamond-y stuff.

As for why no one's reported the ring missing? Wild guess: Its rightful owner caught her man cheating, and after confronting him over dinner she threw the ring at him with cinematic flair. The philandering guy's too rich, too proud to go crawling around for it. Much less to seek out Dash to get the ring back, risking an embarrassing bit of publicity.

Give him a week, Patricia. Then pawn it.

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