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AAA Offering Free Towing and Rides on Christmas Eve Through New Year's

According to AAA, a record 100 million U.S. residents will travel at least 50 miles from home over the Christmas holiday in the coming days. This will be a 1.4 percent increase from last year's travel during the Christmas holiday, which AAA considers between December 23 and January 3.

This means lots of cars on the highways during the peak days of Christmas and New Year's. It also means there's a higher chance of people driving to and from parties intoxicated. But, as they do during every major holiday, AAA is offering free towing and rides starting this week and into New Year's for those who feel they're too impaired to get behind the wheel.

As part of its "Tow to Go" program, AAA will give free rides and towing beginning Christmas Eve until 6 a.m. January 2. 

You can get the service by calling 855-2-TOW-2 GO (or 855-286-9246) and AAA will send a tow truck your way. The truck will then bring both car and driver to a safe place within a ten-mile radius.

The ride is free and confidential, and you don't have to be an AAA member to take advantage.

Here are the only guidelines to using the program: Tow trucks can take up to two people home. So if there are more than two people in your party, the others are going to have to find another mode of transportation. Additionally, calling ahead and scheduling a ride is not allowed. The Tow to Go program is designed as a last-minute resort when you or your ride have had a few too many or if you're left without a designated driver. AAA would prefer you set up a designated driver first. 

AAA also says that it might be necessary for themitto call a cab for you or to call local law enforcement to assist with getting you home, "in certain situations." — i.e., if you're a drunken mess and are too hammered to recall where you live.

“The Tow to Go program is an effective way to promote the use of designated drivers and help prevent impaired driving,” says Bill Bradley, senior director of corporate social responsibility for Anheuser-Busch. “We are proud to partner with AAA and their roadside assistance drivers to help keep our roads safe.”

So if you've had a little too much eggnog or if the family punch got spiked harder than usual, that's cool. Just have a plan to get home safe. If not, you can join the estimated 23,000 other people who have taken advantage of the service. 
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