Activist Jillian Pim on Hunger Strike in Protest of Fort Lauderdale Homeless Laws

Jillian Pim hunger-striking in protest of Fort Lauderdale homeless feeding laws from Voice Media Group; video by Dylan Bouscher.

Jillian Pim hasn't eaten in over a week. She only drinks lemon water, twice a day adding salt for electrolytes.

Jillian and her husband, Nathan Pim, are activists with South Florida Food Not Bombs, a group that claims it has been feeding the homeless in Stranahan Park in downtown Fort Lauderdale for seven years. The two have been actively protesting Fort Lauderdale's new homeless feeding restrictions since Fort Lauderdale commissioners voted to approve the new ordinance on October 22.

Jillian's latest protest, a hunger strike, has left her weak but determined.

"If I starve and it actually changes something, it'll keep all these other people from potentially starving," Jillian tells New Times. Her last meal was a chocolate bar and raspberry lemonade. She misses coffee, beer, and chocolate the most.

She anticipates she'll be able to go 40 days before suffering serious bodily harm.

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