Allen West: Does He Need to Apologize for His Letter to Debbie Wasserman Schultz?

A few hours after we said an apology from Rep. Allen West was highly unlikely for his email rant to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, he said he had apologized -- which was caught on tape by a Huffington Post reporter.

Wasserman Schultz said he never apologized shortly after that, and West's spokeswoman said that West never apologized and that it was "absolutely false." She said they were waiting for an apology from Wasserman Schultz.

Still, more Democratic politicians and political groups have asked West to apologize, in addition to those who had reactions to the email midafternoon yesterday.

The Florida Young Democrats say West needs to "man up" and apologize.

"Putting aside the unbalanced, poisonous rhetoric in Congressman West's immature outburst, the more disturbing issue is his believing it OK to demean a fellow member of Congress this way," says Florida Young Democrats President Justin Spiller. "West's tantrum also demeaned the collegiality of the United States Congress, a body that long predates his short six-month tenure there. Congressman West needs to man up, admit he made a mistake -- and apologize."

Several female Democrats in the House have also asked for his apology, especially in reference to West saying Wasserman Schultz was "not a Lady."

The head of the Congressional Black Caucus -- of which West is the only Republican member -- told Fox News that members were "furious" about the email he sent.

Now we want to hear from you: Should West apologize for his email tirade to Wasserman Schultz?

Cast your vote below:

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