Another Alleged Diddler Arrested in BoyAhoy Sting, Accused of Sending Typo-Riddled Sexts to Fake Underaged Boy

Listen, pervs. If you're on BoyAhoy, the "fastest growing gay dating app" for the "hottest, newest, and most fun way of meeting singles mobilely," just assume every underaged boy is a cop and stop offering to give them blowies.

Last week, a 26-year-old Boca man was arrested on charges he sent nude pictures to someone he thought was a 15-year-old boy but was actually a Homeland Security agent. This week, 59-year-old Gary Schatz of Sunrise was arrested for proposing to an undercover agent that the two of them meet up, do some sex, and watch Humpty Dumpty Sat on My Dick in 3D on his iPad.

The deed went down, stupidly enough, the day after New Times ran a story about the last South Florida BoyAhoy arrest. Schatz and the agent started an online conversation in which the agent claimed to be "18-3 years. Get it hehe." The conversation quickly moved to text message, at which point Schatz revealed that whatever autocorrect features he's got on his phone, it doesn't include the word dick -- a big problem for when you're trying to sext 15-year-old boys.

The title of the movie he wanted to watch with the "boy" was originally sent as "humpty dumpty sat on my dock," for example, and, in discussing plans to meet up, he stated, "I just want to suck your duck."

There never was an actual 15-year-old involved, but Schatz didn't know that, and police say later that day, he drove to a designated meet-up spot in Boynton Beach, with an iPad and a stuffed animal in his car.

The sting was part of the Justice Department's "Project Safe Childhood," which got 2,719 indictments against accused sexual predators last year. Schatz is charged with enticement of a minor over the internet, which has a ten-year mandatory minimum sentence but can go up to life in prison.

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