Anus Tattoo Girl, Maria Louise Del Rosario, Has a New Website

By now, pretty much everyone has seen, read about or has heard of Maria Louise Del Rosario, aka The Anus Tattoo Girl.

Since the New Times broke her amazing journey of being a pioneer of getting one's asshole tatted up, the internet has exploded (three million views in the first three days alone).

Countless websites have written about her, posted our video and have gotten crazy reaction by readers from literally all over the planet.

You're welcome, Universe!

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Well, now, turns out that Maria is an aspiring model, and is using her asshole tat fame to launch her own website, complete with bikini photos and nudes.

Oh yes. The Anus Tattoo Girl has nudes.

And, of course, the cover photo for the site is of Maria spreading open her butt cheeks.

The site, Beautiful Disaster, is broken into three parts.



BTS (behind the scenes).

The Beautiful section (mildly NSFW) is filled with Maria posing in a neon yellow bikini, a seashell top bikini, and a couple of mild topless photos.

Disaster (definitely NSFW) rocks a few more topless pics, with a buttshot.

BTS is for you pervos (Very much NSF.... Okay, okay, click here! Jesus!), where she is topless, bottomless, and uhhh... shaved.

The homepage also includes a 600-word intro by Maria about life, the meaning of life, and this crazy asshole tattoo expo we call life:

Sometimes I feel alone even though I truly know I'm not, but at the same time I wonder, maybe I truly am. There are no garenteed [sic] promises that someone will always be there for you at your best, but mostly at your worst. 
 Maybe I think to much or to deep. I often wonder if I am the only one who thinks like I do. People try to understand me. I don't know why because half the time I don't even know whats going on in my head. My thoughts in my head and the feelings in my heart leave me always questioning and wondering how and why. Why try to understand when half the time it's just easier to except?
I'm not perfect and I don't claim to be. I've had my share of making dumb choices but I've learned from them.

I feel like a part of me is lost, but along the path of finding that missing part I feel like if I don't please those around me then I've failed by leaving them disappointed. I feel like if i try to please myself i will neglect those around me who depend on me to help make life easier for everyone else. does that mean i'm neglecting myself to please others? i don't want to please them anymore. i just want it to be my turn to be happy.

See that? Maria is just a lonely soul looking for happiness.

And we are pleased to help her find that happiness by hopefully introducing some of you sickos to her new website and getting her some hits. So, go visit it.

After all, we owe Maria. She and her tatted up asshole have been the gift that keeps on giving.

Pay it forward and all that good shit.

Deuces. Deuces.

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