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Armed Man and Police Standoff in Broward at U.S. 27 and Griffin; Suspect Reportedly Dead UPDATED

Miami-Dade Police pursued an armed gunman into west Broward, where a standoff ensued.

Shots were fired on U.S. 27 near Griffin Road, according to police.

Reports say the incident started Wednesday morning when two women were shot near the 12300 block of SW 190th Street in southwest Miami-Dade.

Cops then gave chase of a man in a black Mercedes SUV on Krome Avenue.

Miami news channel WSVN-Channel 7 captured footage of the SUV slamming into another vehicle on Griffin Road, which sent the vehicles spinning into the grass on the side of U.S. 27.

According to police, the suspect shot at the officers as they approached the crashed SUV.

A SWAT team was called in and shot in the back window of the SUV.

Reports say the suspect might have been killed in a firefight, although police have not yet confirmed this.

Update: The Sun Sentinel's Geo Rodgruez says the person the suspect crashed into with his SUV has died.

Update 2: BSO Sheriff Scott Israel confirmed that the suspect is also dead, most likely as a result of a gunshot wound sustained during a firefight with law enforcement.

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