Assault, Car Theft Looks Suspiciously Like a Beer Commercial

Watch this video of an assault and car theft that occurred at a BP gas station in Pompano Beach. Maybe I'm jaded, but it's at least a little comical how the man in the wifebeater comes out of the mini-mart, hugging a 12-pack of Corona, only to see that some local toughs were harassing his friend, Jose Rodriguez, who had been waiting behind the wheel in a white Pontiac Sunfire.

For a moment, the wifebeater guy appears to consider whether he should rescue his friend or protect his recent investment in a delicious 12-pack of Mexican beer.

To his credit, he chooses his friend -- though not before putting down the 12-pack.

He even takes a bottle out and wields it like a club. In its unshattered form, however, a bottle of Corona usually inspires more thirst than fear, as you can see in the photograph above.

Rodriguez, the poor soul, stood little chance against an assailant who was much taller than him. But it could have been worse. The buddies still had a dozen cold ones tokeep them company on what must have been a long walk home.

Here's the Broward Sheriff's Office press release.

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