Attorney Willie Gary's Biggest Case Yet May Be Pro Bono Job

Famed South Florida attorney and tabloid dream Willie Gary is making headlines, again -- but not for his own flamboyant behavior. The Rolls Royce riding, property tax evading, proud sex tape producer's son Kobie was busted in the Treasure Coast for allegedly operating an elaborate pot-growing house equipped with all the bells and whistles -- from special lights to extra ventilation to mask the scent of the sticky stuff. All the Little Trees air freshener in the world couldn't stop cops from getting a contact high by just driving by the joint (no pun intended).

Gary Sr. gained national attention after winning a $100 million settlement in Palm Beach County in a case against Florida Power & Light after seven members of a Jupiter family were electrocuted. Now he'll need to sharpen his criminal defense skills to help his son, and it'll take some Johnny Cochran-style persuasion. Authorities have a paper trail and several weeks worth of cold hard evidence -- surveillance tapes chronicling little Gary's comings and goings from a spot filled with hundreds of marijuana plants.

Fortunately, Willie has enough stacks in the bank to take on a pro bono case like this one.

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