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AWF Gives Florida's Labor Climate a C; Hooray, We're Passing!

Ever get news that you know is supposed to be bad, but it's actually kind of awesome? Like when your parents are really solemn about getting divorced but you're like, woo, two Christmases? This is one of those times: The Alliance for Worker Freedom released its biannual report that analyzes policy and state data to rank states by their labor climate. Florida scored a 9 out 15, which AWF labels a C grade. Frankly, we're shocked -- how are we not failing?

The main finding of the AWF's Index of Worker Freedom is that workers are leaving highly unionized states in favor of those with fewer rules. Given that unions tend to be a heated topic, and these are pretty anti-union findings, keep in mind that AWF is of the mindset that organized labor unions tend to be antiworker.

The Juice takes no explicit sides but rejoices that an organization passing judgment on workers is passing us. Confused as to why we're so skeptical? Take a cursory look at our recent features to see what kind of jobs grab headlines around SoFla:

The title: Ponzi schemer
The gist: Steal from the rich, give to... yourself. And your bosomy wife.
The freedom factor: Total. You're your own man! Until you land in federal prison for 16 years, that is.

The title: Dominatrix
The gist: Help your customers get off by smacking them around.
The freedom factor: Pretty total for the dominatrix if the client forgets the safe word.

The title: Politician
The gist: Rally your GOP base, attempt to tea-party your way to the Senate.
The freedom factor: Obama is taking away your liberties, natch.

OK, they may not be the average Florida workers, but they sure do personify the SoFla spirit. Thanks for the C, AWF. We're hanging it on the fridge.

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