"Balloon Boy" Family Resurfaces in Florida; The Heene Boyz Being Promoted as "The World's Youngest Metal Band"

People around the world were collectively glued to their TVs on October 15, 2009, when Richard and Mayumi Heene called the Federal Aviation Administration and a Colorado TV station and reported that their son Falcon had accidentally floated 7,000 feet into the sky in a homemade experimental flying saucer. 

Of course, the "balloon boy" was found unharmed hiding in the attic, and the family was accused of having perpetrated a hoax to publicize a reality show they had in development. Richard later served 90 days in jail for the colossal waste of emergency resources; Mayumi, 20 days. They also had to pay a $36,000 fine (plus another $11,000 to the FAA) and a judge prohibited them from profiting off the hoax. 

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But the family has not gone quietly into that good night. Kinda the opposite, actually.
The family has resurfaced in -- where else? -- Florida and they're working to reinvent themselves. 

The kids formed a band and have since been kicking around the state music circuit as the Heene Boyz, billed as "The World's Youngest Metal Band." Falcon is now 9 and a singer; his brother Bradford, now 13, plays lead guitar, and Ryo, 12, is on drums. They all have long hair and look like a mini version of Slayer. 

Our feature story this week is all about the family and what you've been missing the past three years. That will be ready later today; for now, you can read an interview with the Heene Boyz -- and check out a couple of their videos -- over on our music blog, County Grind.

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